The Regenerative Lifestyle

To the visionaries, conscious entrepreneurs, change-makers and leaders creating your legacy

I created this for you.

So glad you are here!


If you are a visionary you have dreams that are beyond yourself and expect your best self to perform at a high level.

Being boss, consciously leading others or growing an aligned business is demanding and not always a walk in the park.


And lately…

You feel something is missing, especially when you find yourself alone, despite the successes you have had in your business and life to date.

You feel exhausted when you wake up in the morning and below the surface you can feel emotions building up.

You lack the energy and focus you use to have.

You lack the personal systems and strategies to upgrade your health performance.

It’s time to focus on your health, so you can increase your impact on the planet as well as feel energized, clear and grounded…without burning yourself out or feeling exhausted.


 Your Health Is The Foundation for the Unlimited Wealth You Can Create


Here’s the thing…

You may reach for your coffee or matcha first thing in the morning to get you going.

You may use fixes to keep you energized throughout the day so you don’t feel like you want to crash half-way through the afternoon.
You may be managing your stress with yoga, exercise or going for a walk with your dog.

But, you still feel low on energy, overwhelmed and that there is a lack of time to get in everything you intend to.



tHere is No need to keep feeling like this

Especially since your vision will only be worth it at the end if you honour your health along the way.

This is about…

Being a leader that takes care of yourself first and foremost.

Having the mental clarity and focus you desire by upgrading your environment and nutrition.

Increasing your energy and productivity by stacking personal design systems.

Nourishing your gut, brain & soul by aligning with nature.

Your health must come first.







In this 4-Month Mentorship Program, we dive deep into your environment and nutrition creating personal design systems & strategies to help you up level your health, energy & mental clarity.

I’ll show you how…but first, let’s get to know each other.


Meet Breanne

Your mentor and guide leading your way for creating a lifestyle for peak health.

I’m a so grateful you are here.

Not only am I a lover of nature, but I am driven to build a healthier, resilient future. Mostly because I know how important it is for us to create meaningful change for our tomorrow.

Over ten years ago, it felt like I got hit in the face when I fully understood the impact humanity was having on the state of our environmental health, including our very own food system.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate to explore worldwide the depths of what it means to live aligned with nature for peak personal & planetary health and performance.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the last decade from my education, research, and experiences in holistic nutrition, environmental health, meditation, yoga, spirituality, biohacking, and permaculture…

…and created The Regenerative Lifestyle Program (The RL) so you can upgrade your environment and nutrition and enjoy more energy, mental clarity and flow.

My biggest hope for you is to create a lifestyle aligned with nature and your highest self while building your legacy and beyond.


You are the solution for giving nature a voice and the future a face


Align your health & lifestyle with your highest self through the 3 Elements of the REgenerative lifestyle


Get clear on what is important to move the needle the most. Tools to help shift your state from doing to being & activate your personal edge.


Receive personal guidance to help you up level your health, stay focused and aligned with your flow.


Feel connected and supported in a private online channel with other visionaries like you who are upgrading their health.




Here’s a deeper dive into what you’ll learn, implement and embody throughout the program:


Your Environment

Lean how to hack your environment to make it support not steal your energy, sleep, and immunity. In this module, I teach you how important repairing your personal environment is for your energy, clarity and hormonal health.  Here you will learn how to create a healthy personal living/work environment so that you can feel energized, focused and powerful throughout your day.

In this module, we talk source. Truth bomb alert: You need to get intimate with your waste to live like nature does, using all your resources. By the end of this module, you’ll learn how to source regeneratively, upcycle your nutrients, and move towards zero waste - think food, clothes, products, packaging - in your life so you can be helping to build soil health and create a more nutritious, biodiverse, and healthy self and planet. This is about creating a positive environmental impact for an abundant future ;)

Module 2:

Your Microbiome

Now that you have created a healthy outer environment, we move into your inner environment, your gut microbiome.  Here you’ll learn how to befriend your microbiome - the root of your resilience and dis-ease in the body - to support your brain and immune health. By the end of this module, you’ll learn actions and non-actions to help restore your gut health and manage your stress so you can show up more powerfully in your life and business to better serve your clients and your mission and ultimately have a greater impact on the world.

Module 3:

Your Nutrition

Deepen your relationship with food to understand how to fuel yourself best. In this part of the program, I teach you how to eat real food.  You’ll learn why the foundation of nutrition and health lies in the soil.  By the end of this module, you’ll understand how to fuel your body, so you can truly nourish yourself to feel strong and beautiful!  You will also have tips and tricks to support helping your family make changes alongside you.

We dive into just how powerful plants are for your health and explore food as medicine.  Here, you’ll learn how to bring more plants into your lifestyle along with other functional foods (ie. mushrooms), so you can enjoy their health and performance benefits.

Module 4:

Your True Nature

Learn how to tune in, slow down, and deepen your connection with yourself, so you can live more in a state of being vs doing (stress, fear, anxiety, exhaustion).

By the end of this module, my hope is that you will be finding your natural rhythm, your new way of being by honoring your body, your emotions, your heart, and your mind so you can dance more, sing more, laugh more, connect more and BE more in your true nature.  

When you give yourself the opportunity to connect to what truly matters, you live from a different starting point, this is game changer.

Module 5:

Your Peak

Now it’s time take it up a notch to up level your health in this high-tech, fast-paced modern world!  No more settling for good health, choose to live in great health and make it a lifestyle.

If you’re ready to experience long-lasting energy, immune strength, and brain power, this module is for you.  Here you’ll learn the biohacks and regenerative strategies to implement into your everyday lifestyle to live on top of your game and access your flow state more often.

By the end of the program, you will have personal design systems in place to support your energy, clarity and flow, so you can show up more powerfully for your life and business.


 Ready to feel amazing and align your health & lifestyle with nature & your highest self?


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Hear it straight from other visionaries like you, who have worked directly with me in transforming their health to create more impact.

Breanne has been an imperative force in my journey to better health, self-empowerment, and enlightenment. Her approach goes beyond food: she considers the individual as a whole and helps you create an environment for healing that allows you to produce the best version of yourself. I cannot tell you how much her program has changed my life. You will not find a more dedicated, generous, and compassionate professional.

— Jacky Smith, Manager, The Green Moustache Organic Cafe

It is amazing to see how alert and energized I’ve been feeling since working with Breanne.”

— Jean Le Bouthillier, Cybersecurity Entrepreneur

“Prior to working with Breanne I had seen various naturopaths, doctors, and specialists. Breanne has not only helped my GI issues immensely, but she also dove into my entire lifestyle as a whole and helped me get on the path to where I want to be. She has been an incredible support in guiding me to achieve my goals. Working with Breanne is and continues to be life-changing, by far the best thing I have done for my health.”

— Madlynn Palmer


 Look, you might already have…

Your nutrition checked in, your morning routine set up, and be implementing mindfulness practices throughout the day…

You may have a steady yoga or meditation practice and be working out to stay fit…

You may have a business you love that provides you the money and freedom you desire, and be continually building your empire to generate more impact…

But there is something more powerful in creating a Regenerative Lifestyle than simply “living a successful life…”

It is your bridge to a supercharge life.

It connects you to what truly matters.


The Regenerative Lifestyle is for you if YOU:

✧  Are a visionary leader, entrepreneur or changemaker who is ready to create and upgrade your environment and nutrition

✧ Want strategies and systems to activate and protect your energy and flow state

✧  Seek mentorship and guidance to live your best self

✧  Want to take control and responsibility for your destiny

✧  Ready to get dirty for your health



Feeling called to truly tune into your health so you can create more impact with your business & life?

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Life today demands much more often the doing, yet we truly thrive in the being.⠀⠀

The beauty in this being-ness is it empowers a doing unlike any other.

The Regenerative Lifestyle is your bridge to connect you to what truly matters for your business and life.

A high-performing health and an energy that opens yourself to the miraculous.

I am looking forward to supporting you in upgrading your environment and nutrition to rise to your higher self with energy, mental clarity and flow.

It is really is time to come together to give a voice to nature and a face to our future.

Let’s do this!



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