Grow your own food oasis

There is no better time to grow food than NOW!  

Most of the problems we face today in the global landscape are a result of working against nature, such as: soil degradation and erosion, deforestation, decrease in food nutrient-density, high pesticide and synthetic fertilizer use, global warming, pollution and expansion of deserts.

However, the solutions to these wide-ranging problems are practical, transformative, and rewarding and growing your own food is a real empowering choice.  

Circular Nutrition Design offers design services to help you create your own food oasis in a regenerative way.

It all starts in the garden.


Empowering you to grow some of your own nutrition starting with soil.

Caution: Growing some of your own food you will likely:

  • Increase self-awareness.

  • Increase self-sufficiency.

  • Take control of your health.

  • Build a healthier relationship with food.

  • Grow an even deeper appreciation for nature.


The foundation of human health is the quality of the food we eat, which relies ultimately on the vitality of the soil on which it is grown.

Edible Garden Kitchen

Service Options

  • Permaculture consultancy with initial sketches of potential design and recommended resources to get started

  • Conceptual design for your specific garden and location

  • Full detailed design that is implementation ready

  • Plant selection consultancy for your environment, landscape and climate analogue.


No matter what size, growing some of your own food is at the forefront for restoring your own health and that of the environment.

Process & Workflow

  1. Call Consult

    After confirming initial interest, we will ask specific questions about your project, scope, and ultimate goals.

  2. Site Visit

    After reviewing your details and the initial phone consult, CND will come to your location.

  3. Assessment

    Initial conceptual design completed and presented.

    Discussion for next steps: full design scope.

  4. Full Design

    Implementation-ready design plans and full report, ready for implementation and maintenance

What past clients are saying:

Breanne has been an absolute pleasure to work with from the moment we contacted her for assistance in building our food forest. She was nothing short of professional as she gathered necessary information about our garden vision and her passion is contagious! From the workshop, we now have a clear blueprint for developing our little piece of land and Breanne has continued to follow-up with us to answer questions. I would highly recommend Circular Nutrition to anyone looking for assistance for a few small projects or for a major project like ours!
— Nicole Schur, Perth, ON, Canada


want to work together to create your permaculture garden design?

Permaculture Coaching

+ What is permaculture?


In the most simpliest definition, permaculture is a whole systems design approach for creating regenerative human habitats in harmony with nature.

Permaculture has a set of ethics and design principles, which can be applied to all areas of our lives, including gardens and food forests, energy systems, business, economy and social structures.

Earth Care. People Care. Fair Share.

+ What is a permaculture garden?

A permaculture garden is both an art and an science of growing plants in patterns that supports the mutually beneficial relationships the way nature does. By doing so we can create largely self-maintaining healthy, beautiful, high-yield, and biodiverse gardens that grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants and other useful plants.

Permaculture gardens offer design systems that can support both urban and rural landscapes.