My Client Success Stories

"By far the best thing I have done for my health."

Prior to working with Breanne I had seen various naturopaths, doctors, and specialists. Breanne has not only helped my GI issues immensely, but she also dove into my entire lifestyle as a whole and helped me get on the path to where I want to be. She has been an incredible support in guiding me to achieve my goals. Working with Breanne is and continues to be life-changing, by far the best thing I have done for my health.
— Madlynn P, Ontario, Canada

"I have been faster and stronger than ever."

Healthier and achieving optimal performance at an elite level.
Being healthier and living on a plant-based diet is not as hard as I thought! I was one of those guys wanting to get bigger, stronger and faster, calculating my protein intake and eating pounds of meat every week. I work in an elite environment where performance is the only option of success. Fueling my body with a plant-based diet has made me healthier and fitter. It has allowed my skin to clear up (face and upper back), solved my continuous heartburn issue after a meal and also, overcame my allergy to raw nuts. Benefits of this lifestyle are absolutely fantastic! I have been faster and stronger than ever. My body composition has changed for the best. I have more energy throughout the day in order to make better decisions and solve complex problems.

Breanne is so passionate about nutrition and the environment. Her knowledge, understanding and ways she taught me made it easy to start making changes into my lifestyle. For optimal performance at the elite level, Breanne is the one.
— Anonymous – Canadian Special Forces member.

"I cannot tell you how much her program has changed my life."

Breanne has been an imperative force in my journey to better health, self-empowerment, and enlightenment. I have been working with her for 8 weeks now and I cannot tell you how much her program has changed my life. Breanne’s holistic approach goes beyond food: she considers the individual as a whole and helps you create an environment for healing that allows you to produce the best version of yourself. As an expert in her field, Breanne has extensive knowledge about nutrition but also has the unique ability to deliver the information in a way that makes it accessible to all. Her passion for plant-based foods and sustainable living continues to inspire me and fuel my motivation to achieve my goals. You will not find a more dedicated, generous, and compassionate professional.
— Jacky Smith, Quebec, Canada.

Weather you are looking for help with nutrition, learning about food combining, raw food diet, starting a composting bin or a permaculture garden, look no further! Breanne is a pro in all these areas. She is very passionate about what she does, and she cares about people and the environment. Even if you are knowledgeable about these things like I was, I still learn many new and valuable things from Breanne that I am now implementing in my daily life.
— Mada Eliza Dalian, author of In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness and Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for a New Humanity

"It is amazing to see how alert and energized we've been feeling..."

Breanne is extremely knowledgeable about plant-based nutrition and offers a practical hands-on approach. We did a personalized session with Breanne including a personal assessment, looking at our existing pantry and going to the grocery store to buy better products. With very simple changes and a meal plan, we began to see positive results that will benefit us for the rest of our lives. It is amazing to see how alert and energized we’ve been feeling since Breanne’s intervention. We would recommend Breanne to anyone looking to clean up their lifestyle and learn about plant-base nutrition.
— Jean & Joanie - CAF Pilot and Partner

"I am starting to fall in love with myself again - what a beautiful feeling."

I just finished your six week cleanse and I feel like a new person! Your wonderful guidance and support throughout the cleanse and being available at all times to talk about how I was feeling , any struggles I was encountering and what body changes I noticed was so appreciated! Doing this individualized cleanse allowed me to get back in touch with my body and to realize what foods were causing negative impact on me, the triggers for eating mindlessly and the feeling of heaviness of my body. I am now feeling so much lighter and my body is much more flexible with less pain overall, especially in my hip. The cravings I once had have subsided and I now plan out my daily food intake with food that nourishes me. I would have to say that I am starting to fall in love with myself again - what a beautiful feeling.
— Audrey Trevis, Child Resource Worker

"I have come to a whole new appreciation of food and how to nourish myself..." 

Breanne is extremely passionate about reviving the prevalently forgotten connection of food to nature and basic human health. She works as a conduit for discerning the life invigorating nutrition needs of each client, so they can avoid having to decipher the overwhelming slew of information on nutrition and healthy living themselves.

Working with Breanne, I have come to a whole new appreciation of food and how to nourish myself through the most essential of medicines. I was surprised at how easy it was to complete a cleanse that was right for my body. I continue to be inspired by Breanne’s love of food and plant-based-food connection.
— Jessica Amrita, Communications and Marketing Officer

Working with Breanne goes beyond nutrition alone and truly focuses on a complete renovation from the inside out to really heal and reenergize ourselves so we can become the best we can be. Her knowledge and experience combined with her passion to heal, nurture and empower people have created a sustainable program and a genuine community of people committed to change their lives in a positive and long-term way.
— Fabiola Secaira, Guatemala.