I love nature.  I love food.  I love life.

Over a decade ago, I became aware of the impact the modern day food system and modern society was having on the health of the people and planet. In that moment something inside me shifted and from that point forward my life changed. 

I was driven to understand and demystify real nutrition, resiliency and longevity for both personal and planetary health. 

This lead me on a global transformational journey diving deep into holistic nutrition, medicinal food, spirituality, regenerative farming, permaculture, and environmental health to truly explore and connect with the whole nutrient cycle - soil, sowing seeds, growing food, regenerative-designed systems, culinary practices, off-grid living, and the importance of community.

It became clear that my purpose was to be a voice for regenerative change to help create a more conscious, connected and abundant planet. To help bridge the gap between soil health and peak performance.

I now help visionary leaders supercharge their brain with environment and nutrition upgrades to bring their expansive self to their business and life.



My Mantra

Be the Light








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Breanne Gibson


Breanne Gibson, MSc, DHN, ROHP, RNCP is a global change leader for regenerative strategies, holistic nutrition expert, mentor, educator, entrepreneur, and permaculture practitioner.  Her mission is to help restore nature by bridging the gap between soil and peak performance for human and planetary health.

Working as a Environmental Analyst in Medical Intelligence, she made a significant shift in her career to discover the voice of real nutrition and nature, travelling worldwide to multiple permaculture farms, off-grid communities, and cultures.  There, she experienced the profound connection and importance living soil has for the health of all plants, living beings, and planet.

Today, Breanne helps visionary leaders supercharge their health with environment and nutrition upgrades to have more energy and flow for their business and life through her signature mentorship program The Regenerative Lifestyle.

Breanne is also the Regenerative Nutrition Director of ReNature Foundation and takes part in agroforestry projects internationally.