How Lemons Can Help Sustain Your Health


Did you know that starting your day off with lemon water can help sustain your health?

Lemons are native to southern China and Southeast Asia, where they have been cultivated for approximately 4,000 years.  However, the desire to eat lemons did not occur until after the 1890s when physicians found that people suffering from scurvy (a disease of Vitamin C deficiency) could be cured by drinking citrus juice.

Humans, as well as apes, guinea pigs, and fruit-eating bats, cannot produce ascorbic acid (vitamin C) internally, therefore, we have to rely on food and/or supplements to provide us with this key nutrient.  During times of stress the need for vitamin C soars, making it even more critical to have enough Vitamin C in your diet.

Drinking lemon water can help 
  • Fight cancer cells
  • Stimulate metabolism
  • Increase energy
  • Detoxify the liver and kidneys
  • Dissolve uric acid (often causing pain and inflammation in the joints) and other toxins
  • Dissolve kidney stones, gallstones, and calcium deposits
  • Purify the blood - cleansing the system of impurities
  • Increase body alkalinity  
  • Control unhealthy bacteria
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Relieve symptoms of indigestion (bloating, belching, heartburn)
  • Improve elimination (constipation, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal disorders)
  • Dehydration
  • Sore throats

See Recipe below: Wake-Up Call

Contrary to popular belief...

lemons are a highly alkaline power food.

Really?  But they are a citrus fruit.

Yes. Outside the body lemons are acidic (pH below 7). But, inside the body, after lemons are digested and their minerals are dissociated in the blood stream, they leave what is known as alkaline ash.  This ash has an alkalizing effect on the body fluids and helps to raise or maintain a healthy body pH of the tissues (pH above 7). This is important because many diseases thrive in an acidic environment.

Nutritional Highlights of Lemons
  • Excellent source of Vitamin C – neutralizes free radicals helping to decrease inflammation, fight colds and flus
  • Have more alkaline minerals – calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium – than any other fruit
  • Similar in atomic structure to saliva, hydrochloric acid, bile and the stomach’s other digestive juices
  • Good source of Vitamin A, B1, B6, folic acid
  • Rich in flavonoids – antioxidant and anticancer properties
  • High in phytochemical limonoids – responsible for bitter taste

More on Lemonoids:

The phytochemical limonoids, especially limonin glucoside, has been shown in clinical trials to improve human health through anticancer activities, cholesterol lowering, antiviral agents, and dissolve gallstones.  The highest content of limonoids is in the pulp and white spongy inner parts of the lemon peel, so ensure to make use of these components of the lemon!

Buy Whole Organic Lemons and Filtered Water

In order to receive all the health benefits of lemons, choose fresh organic lemons to consume the highest nutrients and enzymatic components and minimize your exposure to pesticides and other chemicals. Pasteurized and pre-packaged lemon juice will not provide the live enzymes and nutritional value to the same level nor provide the same health benefits.

It is best to used filtered water that has remove impurities, but still contains the natural minerals of water.

Wake-up Call

I start every morning off with this rehydrating and alkalizing drink. 


  • 2 cups filter water, warm or room temperature
  • ½ lemon, freshly juiced
  • dash of cayenne pepper

Mix and enjoy!

Helpful tip: I drink from a glass straw to minimize exposing my lips and corners of my mouth to the acidity of the lemon when still outside the body.

Ingredient Insights

Filtered water provides your body with cleaner water helping to decrease potential exposure to unwanted contaminants.

Lemons are among the foods containing higher levels of pesticides, it is always best to buy organic lemons when possible.

Cayenne pepper gives your body’s digestive and circulatory system a start kick to get going for the day.  Capsaicin is the active ingredient in cayenne that helps stimulate metabolism, increase circulation, and is also an anti-inflammatory.

Detoxifying. Due to lemon water being cleansing and detoxifying for the body, it is important to not increase your intake of lemon water too quickly to avoid detoxification symptoms such as, headache, fatigue or digestive upsets.

Teeth Enamel. Drinking lemon water on a daily basis it is important to protect your teeth enamel from the citric acid.  Four recommendations to minimize this affect:

  1. Drink with a glass straw.
  2. Rinse your mouth with water after drinking lemon water.
  3. Add a pinch of sea salt to your lemon water to neutralize the lemon acid on the teeth.
  4. Brush your teeth afterwards.

Enjoy the gifts of lemon water!

- Breanne


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Breanne Gibson, MSc., DHN, ROHP, RNCP

As a leading holistic nutritionist, lifestyle mentor, and permaculture designer, Breanne empowers high achieving and sustainably-driven leaders and entrepreneurs optimize their health and performance and design a resilient life they love so they can be living their full potential as they share their gifts with the world. Read her inspiring story, “From Peachland girl to military officer to a worldwide permaculture exploration” that lead her to where she is today.