6 Reasons To Grow Some of Your Own Food


The truth is food is nutrition.  Not only that...

Food is connection.

Food is joy.

Food is love.

Food is living.

But, on a global scale, the very source of our nutrition has unfortunately been raped.

Since the Industrial Revolution food has been grown primarily on a mass scale with a intense use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, focused largely on cash crops and with practices that separate the farmer from our very source of nutrition: soil. 

This has resulted in a food system that is growing primarily in dirt and therefore is low in nutrient diversity and density, loaded with chemicals and toxins, a decrease in the variety of food choices as well as genetically modified crops.

In order for our food system to transform into a system that actually nourishes and feeds the life in the soil and therefore supports the health of the environment and humans, more awareness and actions must be taken to support those who are growing food in a regenerative organic way and who care for the life in the soil first. 

It is also just as important that the demand for such regenerative food be present among the consumers because this is truly where the power lies...whoever receives the money is who stays in business.

Starting to grow some of your own food in a regenerative organic way or supporting and connecting with friends and farmers around you that do is our future.

TOP 6 reasons to grow some of your own food

1. Decreases Dependence on a Polluted Corporate Food System

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By growing some of your own food it puts power back into the hands of the consumer, homeowners, gardeners, and farmers. 

Whoever controls the food, controls the people. 

It moves away from the mega agrochemical industry that is polluting our waterways, eroding our earth, genetically engineering seeds, trying to out perform nature and killing bees, monarch butterflies and other beneficial pollinator species in the process.

2. Improves Health and Wellness


You know that feeling when you get outside, breath fresh air, move your body and get a bit dirty? 

Growing food is the same and from my personal experience it brings so much joy, excitement, and understanding of how nature designs and works.  

You have the incredible experience of watching your food grow.  You know exactly the quality of the seed you planted, the quality of soil it was grown in, and any potential exposure the crop had.

It brings a deeper connection to the food you eat and what you are truly bringing into your body.

3. Helps Restore Soil


Soil is the key to human health and planet health. 

By focusing on being a steward of your own little parcel of space (balcony, deck, wall, rooftop) or land (frontyard, backyard, acres, landscapes) or supporting those that do, you are helping to support the environment.

You are giving love and attention to what truly matters - restoring the soil, cleaning the waterways, designing regenerative and sustainable systems, and connecting to our  very source of nutrition.

Rebuilding our soil through holistic land management, reforestation, and regenerative farming and practices will help clean our waterways, sequester carbon from the atmosphere, offset climate change, provide nutrient-dense food, increase biodiversity, and decrease desertification and erosion.

4. Builds Community


Getting dirty for your health (and digestion) is fun.

Growing a garden is one of the simplest and more enjoyable ways of truly bringing a community of people together for the very activity that provides us nutrition on so many levels - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

For many people, getting dirty in the soil, planting seeds, and growing food is very healing and rewarding. 

Knowing how to grow some food, caring for the soil and the earth, spending time outside, and harvesting food fresh right before eating it brings truly brings so much joy and connection to the simple and real things in life.

It does not have to be anything crazy or too time-consuming, even growing your favorite herb, berry, or vegetable is a great start.

5. Protects Against Food Insecurity


Seeds are life.

Saving seeds has got to be one of the most important acts right now for the future of our food with the mega genetically modified organisms (GMO) and breeding programs that are taking place.

GMO seeds and breeding programs aim to control the food (farmers are buying the seeds and the pesticides for growing these GMO crops from the same place!) and on top of that GMO seeds are infertile, meaning the farmer has to purchase seed every year to grow (dependency). 

This is control, power and greed in full force. 

Seed is sacred and not to be patented or owned.  Seed comes from the earth, not a laboratory and it is our source of nutrition, diversity, fertility and life. 

6. Facilitates a Greater Level of Consciousness


You connect to the root source of your true energy.

When you start growing food naturally (without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides) you directly integrate yourself with nature's processes.

You start to access more of your creativity by the inspiration you receive from the phenomenal designs and patterns of nature.

Growing some of your own food does not have to be complicated, it can be whatever shape, size or form is meaningful and makes sense for you and your family. 

It also provides the education that children of today need for our future: how to connect with the soil, how to grow food naturally and understand where food comes from. 

Not only that, but it helps to bring more awareness in other areas of life.  

You may find yourself tuning into how your everyday actions influence the environment such as, the amount of water you use, the amount of waste you produce on a weekly basis, what products and food you purchase and how they are influencing your health and the health of the environment.

We should not be passive workers for established destructive systems, but rather we can be investors in life.
— Bill Mollison

If you are wanting to grow some of your own nutrition and design a garden to suit your location, needs, and time, I would love to connect with you.

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In health with smiles,




Breanne Gibson, MSc., DHN, ROHP, RNCP

As a leading holistic wellness expert and permaculture practitioner, Breanne helps resilient-driven leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs optimize their health performance through nutrition, gut health and lifestyle strategies aligned with nature, so they can be their best selves. Read her inspiring story, “From Peachland Queen to military officer to a worldwide permaculture exploration” that lead her to where she is today.