9 Simple Ways to Reduce Your EMF Exposure


I kinda consider myself like a canary in the coal mine when it comes to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).  

I am extremely sensitive to direct contact with wireless devices, or even being in a space with close exposure.  What happens is I get a shooting pain up my hand and forearm when I have physical contact with my phone for too long (and for me that is not so long!).  

When I first started to experience this back when I had my first smartphone in 2010, I quickly learned to keep my distance as much as possible.  I use it when I need to, but it is never near me or on my body when I am not directly using it or needing it.

I am sharing this with you because wireless communication has taken the world over by a storm and it only continues to grow.  


The world relies and functions largely as a result of this globalized interconnected online communication and this incredible ease of access to information and any person at our fingertips. This has changed our world and has opened up amazing opportunities, insights, engagements and experiences from all around the world, connecting us to many people, places, and moments.

Many people have become completely attached to their phone and will not go anywhere without it, or even sleep without it!  Some people even experience separation anxiety, anger, emotional upsets when they have been away from their phone for too long, or that they have to be away from it. 

Today, I want to share some of what I have learnt from my personal research on EMF and the health impacts from this continual close electromagnetic frequency exposure.  Even if you are not sensitive to it in terms of the physical sense like I am, it is having an adverse effect on your health whether you feel it or not and the reserach is showing this.


The health impacts of such close-connection and use to wireless devices are not well-known by the public.

However, more and more research is showing and is being conducted on the potential health risks linked to wireless radiation, whether that is from microwaves, phones, tablets, wireless routers, or smart meters/smart homes.

There are thousands of research studies (1) now showing the detrimental health affects from exposure to EMF or electromagnetic radiation (EMR).  There is research showing the connection between where an individual carries their phone routinely on their body and the cancer or tumour being in that region of the body (2, 3).

A 2016 multi-year study from the U.S. National Toxicology Program (4) found that male rats exposed to radio-frequency radiation from before birth through two years of age had a greater chance of being diagnosed with a brain cancer called malignant glioma, as well as developing a tumour on the heart. The radiation levels to which the rats were exposed included levels that current cell phones are allowed to emit.

In recent human epidemiological studies, cell phone use has been linked to an increased risk of brain and salivary gland cancers. These studies have shown possible associations between heavy cell phone use and altered brain metabolism, sleep disturbance, and even diminished sperm count and sperm damage.  

As a result, the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radio-frequency radiation from cell phones as a ‘Possible Human Carcinogen’ (Class 2B) (5). This is a big step forward in recognizing the serious risks to human health posed by cell phones.


We are being exposed to EMF and WI-FI from many different devices (6):

  • microwaves

  • cell phone

  • cell phone tower

  • powerlines

  • cordless phones

  • appliances

  • Bluetooth headset

  • any Bluetooth device

  • WI-FI router

  • baby monitors

  • shared internet connections (ie. neighbours), and

  • anything internet related

A high percentage of the radiation that people are exposed to is from their microwave. 

Every time you use your microwave you are being exposed to microwave radiation. Although the industry continues to say that there is no damage, there is.

A typical microwave as well as your cell phone operates around a few gigahertz and both expose you to EMF radiation. This kind of radiation is what is known as pulsed radiation, meaning that it is not a steady stream of radiation.

When you use a microwave the thermal radiation interacts with the charged particles in the food and in our brain through vibration causing damage.  On top of that, there is also a significant amount of biological damage, and pulsed radiation magnifies the damage biologically speaking. 

So it is best to remove this very commonly used kitchen tool out of your kitchen environment.  It is just not good for you in any way.

What can you use instead?

It is best to reheat your food on the stove, or use a steam convection oven. 


Holding your phone up to your head is just not a good idea. The manufacturers even recommend to hold the device at least an inch or two away (if you read the fine-print when you buy the device), which is still way too close.

Since cells phones are held so close to the body the EMF exposure is much greater than that of other wireless devices, which are typically placed further away from the body.


The first documentation that showed the data and research of the adverse effects of EMF exposures was the Naval Medical Research Institute in 1971 (7).  The research has only continued, especially in the more recent years of the digital era.

There are now hundreds of studies that show when you are exposed to EMF radiation, intracellular calcium is increased.

Why does this matter?

Our cells need calcium and calcium also acts as a signaler inside the cell for important biological tasks to occur.

However, our cells only need small amounts of calcium to perform these necessary functions.  So when intracellular (inside) calcium increases when we are exposed to EMF, this is where science is showing it negatively influences the health of the body.  


EMF activates what is known as Voltage Gated Calcium Channels (VGCC) (8).  These are channels that are embedded in the cell membranes and are seven million times more sensitive to EMF than the charged particles inside and outside the call, which current 'safety' standards are based on.  

So when a voltage gated calcium channel is activated by EMF (in less than five seconds) research is showing that up to a million of calcium ions flow out of the receptor down this channel every second.

When the EMF activates the VGCC and increases intracellular calcium, it also increases the production of free radicals, specifically hydroxyl radical and nitric oxide radical.  This increase in free radicals is what causes the damages from EMF exposure, including inflammation, oxidative stress and cellular damage (ie. DNA) (9). 

So, EMF does not damage the cell directly, but research is showing that it influences cellular metabolism.

The areas in the body with the highest VGCC are the brain (10, 11) and nerve tissues.  And the rise of anxiety, depression, and autism and EMF exposure is likely playing a role.

Even bees behavior is being affected by EMF (12).

This video by Dr. Martin Pall shows how WI-FI and EMF exposure is causing adverse health effects.



1. Get rid of your microwave

It is easy to get rid of this typical kitchen device, and use more healthy ways not only for your food's nutrition, but for your personal and family's health.  Use a convention oven or re-heat on the stove, or eat more raw and live foods so you don't have to worry about this ;)

2. Power down at night.

Connect your WI-FI to a switch so you can turn it off at night and when you do not need it during the day.  This helps to lower the exposure in your home environment and get a better night's sleep.

3. Change your cell phone to airplane mode.

If you use your phone as an alarm clock it is best to turn off the wireless signal so it is not being emitted all night long close to your brain.  Also when walking or carrying your phone on you, if you do not need it, just put it on airplane mode.

4. Keep all wireless devices out of the kitchen and bedroom.

Best to keep all these devices out of where you eat and sleep as they are the two most highly used spaces of the home and where you spend much of your time. 

5. Do not carry your phone on your body.

Try to identify times in your day when you do not need your phone on you or near you.  

Having a meal with someone.  Spending time in nature.  Walking the dog.  When you are working on your computer.

There has been hundreds of studies showing the impact of EMF on fertility, sperm count, breast cancer, and women and men's health. (1314, 1516)

6. Use a selfie-stick

A great way to extend the distance between you and your phone to decrease your exposure to wireless radiation.

7. Talk on your wireless device using speakerphone.

It is best when talking to not be holding your phone up to your head, have it placed at least 3 feet away to decrease your exposure.

8. Eat these spices and take a magnesium supplement

Spices rich in phenolics, including cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, cloves, and rosemary are showing in research to help protect as well as repair damage from EMF due to their protective capacity against peroxynitrites. 

Peroxynitrite is a potent cytotoxic chemical that is formed naturally in the body by the interaction of nitric oxide and superoxide radicals (which result from EMF exposure) (17, 18)

Also, since magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker, it helps reduce the effects of EMF on your VGCCs. As a result, optimizing your magnesium level may help decrease damage from EMFs. 

9. Earthing

Vitamin G - G for the ground. Walk on the earth barefoot as much as you can to receive the benefits the Earth's negative charge.  You can find out more here.


Breanne Gibson, MSc., DHN, ROHP, RNCP

As a leading holistic nutritionist, regenerative lifestyle mentor, and permaculture designer, Breanne helps female leaders and entrepreneurs access new levels of health, creativity and joy by harmonizing with food and nature. Read her inspiring story, “From Peachland girl to military officer to a worldwide permaculture exploration” that lead her to where she is today.